Judicial Internship at Allahabad High Court

About Judicial Internship at Allahabad High Court

Judicial Internship at Allahabad High Court for Law students may apply for an Internship at the High Court of Judicature at Allahabad (at Prayagraj & Lucknow). Subject to approval, one non-remunerative Internship may be offered to the suitable applicants, for a minimum term of four (4) weeks.

Eligibility Criteria for Judicial Internship at High Court

  1. Applicant must be enrolled at a five-year law degree program, recognized by the Bar Council of India.
  2. Applicant must either be in the 4th or 5th year of their five-year law course. However, an applicant who may have appeared for the sixth semester/third-year final examination may also apply, subject to a satisfactory academic record.
  3. Applicant should have a sound academic and co-curricular record.
  4. Applicant should possess basic computer skills; be adept at legal research; be conversant with online-research software(s) and common MS Office applications.
  5. Applicant must have completed at least two other Internships of not less than 30 days / 4 weeks each, with a lawyer, law firm, or Court.

How to Apply Judicial Internship at the High Court

  1. Applicant may apply through online mode only.
  2. Application may be made three (03) months before the proposed date of commencement of the Internship.
  3. Applicant must upload the below-mentioned documents along with their online application form -Marksheet of each Semester/ Term examination for the first three years of the five-year law course, being pursued by them.
    • Forwarding letter of the College/University/Law School issued by the Head of Department, Dean, Director, or the Registrar as the case may be, mentioning the proposed period of Internship and area/subject of interest, together and the official e-mail ID of the issuing authority, at which confirmation may be sought.
    • Certificate/s of previous Internship experience, if any, together with the official email ID of the issuing authority at which confirmation may be sought.
    • Current Student Identity card, issued to the applicant, by the Law School/College/University, with the official email ID of the issuing authority.
    • Upon successful submission of an application form, a unique Application ID shall be generated and communicated to the applicant. It may be referred to in all subsequent communications.
  4. Subject to due verification of documents, shortlisted applicants may be Interviewed through ‘Video Conferencing’ only.
  5. The shortlisted applicant shall be intimated the start date of their Internship, about one month in advance. The applicants not shortlisted shall be informed accordingly, at the earliest.

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Conditions/Guidelines for Judicial Internship at Allahabad High Court

  • The minimum duration of the Internship shall be 04 (4) weeks. It may be extended up to six weeks (in all), on the written request of the Law Intern, based on their performance.
  • The Law Intern may bring their laptop.
  • Upon Internship being granted, the Law Intern shall attend the Chamber of Hon’ble the Chief Justice/Hon’ble Judge, under whom the Internship may be arranged.
  • The Law Intern may be required to work in association with the Law Researcher/s attached to Hon’ble the Chief Justice / Hon’ble Judge concerned.
  • The Law Intern shall maintain confidentiality, and integrity, and remain keen to work, throughout their Internship.
  • Law Intern shall not undertake or participate in any other assignment, whether part-time or full-time, for/with any other lawyer or organization, during the term of their Internship.
  • No Law Intern shall disclose/publish any information, document, or any other thing concerning the work performed during their Internship, except with prior permission in writing of the Registrar General of the Court or unless such disclosure is compelled by law.
  • During the Internship, the Law Intern shall maintain dignity, decorum, and discipline in the workplace at the High Court, including non-use of a mobile phone, especially during Court proceedings and also while at work. The Law Intern shall not loiter on the High Court premises or be involved with the work of the officers and staff of the High Court.
  • The Law Internship program is non-remunerative.
  • The Law Intern shall make and bear the arrangements and expenses for their stay, food, lodging, and transport.
  • Upon successful completion of three weeks of their Internship, the Law Intern may apply for an extension of the Internship, by two weeks.
  • Application for extension of Internship may be allowed, subject to the approval of Hon’ble the Chief Justice / Hon’ble Judge under whom the Law Intern may intern.
  • Upon successful completion of the Internship, an appropriate Certificate of Internship shall be issued to the Law Intern, with intimation to the concerned Law College/University at the email id disclosed under clause 2(c)(ii) above.
  • Law Interns would be expected to remain regular and punctual. They shall adhere to Court timings and report to the Principal Private Secretary or Additional Private Secretary of Hon’ble the Chief Justice/Hon’ble Judge, under whom they may intern.
  • In case any Law Intern wants to work overtime either at the Court or the residential office of Hon’ble the Chief Justice/Hon’ble Judge, they shall obtain prior written permission in that regard.
  • Law Interns shall observe a formal dress code (same as applicable to ‘Research Associates’ i.e. Black trousers with a White shirt and Black coat with a Black necktie and Black shoes and/or White Salwar suit and Black blazer and Black footwear.)
  • Internet, database, and office facilities as may be provided, may be used by Law Interns for research and official work only.
  • The assignment of the Law Intern to Hon’ble the Chief Justice/ particular Hon’ble Judge would remain subject to the discretion of the Committee for the engagement of Law Clerk (Trainees). If reassigned, the Law Intern would not have a right to represent or protest against the same.

Discontinuation of Internship:

Violation of any of the above-mentioned conditions shall result in immediate discontinuation of the Internship, without prior notice or proceeding. In that event, the Law Intern shall lose their right to a Certificate of Internship.

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