National Moot Court Competition 2023

Registration: Firstly, teams from participating law schools or universities must register for the competition. Registration typically involves filling out an online form and paying the registration fees.

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Moot Problem Release: Once the registration process is complete, the organizers of the competition release the moot problem. A moot problem is a hypothetical legal case that is written to challenge the teams’ legal skills.

Research and Preparation:
After receiving the moot problem, teams must conduct legal research, analyze the problem and prepare arguments for both sides (the appellant and the respondent). Teams must be familiar with the applicable laws, statutes, and legal precedents related to the moot problem.

Memorials Submission: Each team must submit two memorials – one for the appellant and the other for the respondent – which must be well-researched, well-argued, and follow the formatting guidelines specified by the competition organizers.

Preliminary Rounds: The competition typically starts with preliminary rounds where each team presents their arguments before a panel of judges. Each team argues either for the appellant or the respondent. The judges evaluate the teams based on their legal knowledge, argumentative skills, and style of presentation.

Quarterfinals and Semifinals: The top-scoring teams from the preliminary rounds advance to the quarterfinals and semifinals. The format of these rounds is similar to the preliminary rounds.

Final Round: The top two teams from the semifinals compete in the final round. The final round is usually held in a larger auditorium or hall and is open to the public. The final round is judged by a panel of experts in the field of law.

Awards Ceremony: The competition concludes with an awards ceremony where the winners are announced and awarded prizes. The prizes may include cash awards, trophies, and certificates of participation.

These are the general steps involved in a National Moot Court Competition. However, the exact details of the competition may vary based on the rules and regulations set by the organizers.

Starting Date of Competition 19th August to 21st August 2023

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