What is Coparcenary and his Property

What is Coparcenary 

Coparcenary consist of a male members who acquire and interest by birth in the coparcenary property. And who have right to demand a partition in the coparcenary property from the holder of the property. It conscience with a common ancestor an includes a holder property and all his decedent in the male line. Who are not revoked from him by more than three degree thus right a son is a grandson, or a great grandson is a coparcenary. Great grandson cannot coparcener with in because he is removed by more than of three degree from the holder. only male can be coparcener and all female all excluded from the coparcenary. Through a common ancestor is necessary from the origination of the coparcenary. It may continue without him consisting a co-lateral and dear descendant some of them being removed more than three degree from the deices common ancestor.

Coparcenary property

  1. Acquisition made by coparcener with the help of ancestral property.
  2. Joint Acquisition of the coparcener even such help provided there was no prove of intention on their part than property sued not treated as the joint family property.
  3. Self-acquired property of grandfather in hands of father is ancestral property because all property inherited by make Hindu from his father or grandfather great grandfather is ancestor property.

Coparcenary (common right in ancestral property)

1. A sons birth right in the joint family property.
2. Coparcenary is dialed within the hindu succession act 1956, but has undergone major amendments.
3. Classical concept (pre 2005 amendment) only member were included.
4. Modern concept (post 2005 amendments) daughter are also coparcener.

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